The first CERB workshop was established in 1948 – a small workshop for repair of rotating electrical machines.
In 1956 CERB starts performing repair works for transformers. The necessity for mechanic processing of the equipment determine the establishment of the mechanic workshop.
Aiming to offer complex services, CERB continues to develop by establishing a specialized transport department in 1965.
Ten years later, in 1975, CERB adds two more departments – control of metals and laboratory for vibro analysis and balancing.
The development of technology requires the introduction of more facilities and activities, and today more than 150 qualified engineers, technicians and employees work in the company. CERB has 20 000 m 2 of manufacturing facilities, workshops, laboratories and administrative buildings.
Our history, experience, values and the trust we continue to build has established us as a preferred partner when it comes to repairs of electric equipment, transformers and rotating electrical machines in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe. We work continuously to confirm and develop our positions, as well as to expand our traditional services, increasing their scope and search for new markets.
Today, as well as before, our main goal is continuous improvement. It helped us not only to survive and grow but also to aim successfully towards the competitive international market. We follow our vision, relying on a solid business model, built based on four major pillars: high standards and quality; cooperation with clients and care for their investments; reasonable prices; communication and mobility.
We correspond to the needs of our clients, working along with them,
taking care of their investments.
old CERB