Rotating electrical machines

CERB VEM is the oldest division of CERB GROUP, with huge experience in performing repair and rehabilitation works on rotating electrical machines. A partner, to which you can easily trust your machine and be sure that it is in good hands.
You can rely on the professionalism, high standards and quality of the service.
CERB VEM performs partial or full repair of magnetic cores and windings of stators and rotors, well as full rehabilitation and modernization of hydro generators, turbo generators, synchronous and asynchronous motors on site or in the workshop.
Works on site
  • Partial or full demounting of a generator winding ;
  • Demounting of a generator rotor ;
  • Demounting & mounting of a generator poles ;
  • Re-insulation of sections and bard of the generator ;
  • Cleaning the generator’s stator core and body ;
  • Cleaning and replacement of pole insulation of the generator ;
  • Visual inspection of the magnetic core of the generator, for localization of damages ;
  • Partial or full replacement of the generator’s core ;
  • Inspection of the tightness of the wedges and re-wedging the generator.
Works in the workshop
  • Revision and repair of the stator body of a generator ;
  • Inspection of the geometrical dimensions of the generator’s stator ;
  • Re-laminate the magnetic core including varnishing the stator segments of the generator ;
  • Manufacturing of a new magnetic core with new stator segments of a generator ;
  • Replacement of the winding insulation of the generator’s pole coils ;
  • Welding the cracks in the pole coils of the generator ;
  • Hydraulic pressing of the magnetic core of the generator ;
  • Replacement of the aluminum winding of the short-circuited rotor – welding construction of a generator ;
  • Partial repair with welding of the cracks in the short-circuited rings of the generator ;
  • Replacement of the winding insulation of a generator’s winded rotor ;
  • Impregnation of a generator.
Maintenance, partial and full repairs of high voltage motors
  • Replacement of bearings, brushes and brush holders ;
  • Tightening of the bushings ;
  • Re-wedging ;
  • Cleaning the stator core ;
  • Cleaning the stator body ;
  • Replacement of sections, insulation and straps ;
  • Re-insulation of sections ;
  • Replacement of pole insulation ;
  • Re-winding of stator ;
  • Re-winding of rotor.
  • Sections and bars for generators as per the technology RеsinRich ;
  • Contact rings and brush holding device for rotors of generators ;
  • Increasing the nominal power of the generator with up to 10%
    through, design, construction and manufacturing of new windings.
Cleaning of turbo generators, hydro generators and motors with dry ice
  • During the rehabilitation of generators and repair of motors, CERB VEM
    performs cleaning of the stator core, stator winding and rotor body with
    dry ice. Cleaning the rotor bodies as well as stator cores leads to improvement of the cooling. With dry ice we can clean also bearings, bearing bodies, bearing shields, lids and other metal or insulation elements, removing old varnish coats, oils, residues or other dirt deposits.