Vibrations monitoring & balancing

In accordance with our mission – to turn our experience and capabilities into growth and usage for our clients, CERB developed systems for monitoring of the vibrations levels in rotating machines, which monitor the condition of your equipment round – the – clock and warn in case of a problem.
Vibrations monitoring system VibroHealth+ MAX 1.3

The system’s operation is based on transformation and processing the signals from accelerometric sensors for acceleration. The primary data input from the outdoor sensors is transformed in characteristic values and specters, through software programs, filter functions and internal processing of the signal. Upon client’s request the results are sent to a central/local server. There they are saved for an undefined period and could be examined. This happens with the help of a specialized software, which allows observation of the time values of each of the vibration channels. Another functionality is the visualization of the rotation orbit of each bearing of the tested machine. The construction is designed on a module principle for maximum flexibility and ensuring high efficiency when performing a wide specter of tasks.

Technical characteristics:

The system is designed to be mounted in a „DIN” cabinet. It has by design 7 sockets for switching the modules/ print plates with electronic elements, and it has the possibility for expanding to 32 modules. It is based on a managing controller, which sends commands to all other modules and ensures connection to a server for data storage, on a LAN interface, meant to transmit information for vibration analysis. Module for measuring the vibrations in the bearings of rotating machines, parallelly in two points, through two sensors. Module for measuring the turns (speed) of rotating machines through impulses from a speed sensor. Module for measuring linear deviation of the rotor of a rotating machine through inductive sensor. Module for analogue output as per the standard 4 – 20 mA signal, which has three relay outputs, triggered when three separate alarm levels are increased. Module for visualization of the values, measured by the system, which has a relay output for warning when a certain alarm level is increased.

System for monitoring of vibrations VibroHealth+ ECO 1.0

VibroHealth+ ECO 1.0 is a standalone system for monitoring of vibrations in rotating machines. The primary data, incoming from the outdoor sensors is transformed in characteristics values through software programs, filter functions and internal signal processing. The system is designed as per a method, that ensures high efficiency when performing a specter of tasks.

Technical characteristics:

The system is designed in a cabinet for mounting on a DIN bar. It is based on a central module with LAN interface, for transmission of the information for vibrations from the connected sensors and setting of the parameters of the system itself. Two analogue outputs AO are placed on the corpus as per standard 4-20 mA corresponding to the mean quadratic vibration values of the bearings and two relay outputs RO for warning in case of increase of the alarm level, as separate alarm levels are set for the two sensors. The analogue outputs can be connected to existing systems for observation (SCADA) or to measuring equipment, through which one can track the vibration levels remotely. The relay outputs can be used for light and/or sound signalization, can be connected to existing
observation systems SCADA) or for submission of signal to the shutdown device when the vibrations of the machines are high. LCD display is used for visualization of the measured data. There is LED indication, which
signalizes for faults in the chain of each of the sensors (OK test) as well as color signalization for the vibration condition as per the alarm zones of the machine RMS).

Laboratory for vibro diagnostics & balancing

CERB Vibro Health has a laboratory for vibro diagnostics and balancing of hydro generators and turbo generators, steam turbines, electric motors, ventilators and other rotating mechanisms with support on rolling – contact or sliding bearings. As well as Setting of regulating systems for steam turbines and extracting their static characteristics after full or partial repairs. Vibro diagnostics methods applied by the laboratory’s specialists help decreasing the outages, idle time and costly repairs of the facilities. The laboratory has three stands for dynamic balancing of rotors. On the mobile stand IRDBK 140 we perform balancing of rotors with mass from 3000 kg up to 100 000 kg. The balancing is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 1940/1. Upon client’s request,
CERB Vibro Health performs balancing of rotating machines and equipment on own support.