Transport of heavy frights

CERB TRANSPORT is a licensed transport provider for oversized loads. We transport heavy loads, transformers and electric machines as well as loads from all fields of industry.

CERB TRANSPORT is a licensed heavy cargo carrier. The reliable transportation activity is provided by trucks “MERCEDES”, trailers “SHOERLE” and Railway wagon boat.

Railway Transport


  • 20-axis railway wagon – boat MAN 250t equipped with board hydraulic for transport of self-supported loads. The construction of the wagon-boat allows transport also of non self-supported loads up to 200 tons, with the help of suspension of an additional intermediate platform ;
  • 8-axis wagon for transport of heavy loads type „Uaai”(wagon-boat). The wagon is unique for Bulgarian railways and consists of loading platform, carried on two individual half-wagons, place on two carts each. Maximum load capacity is 96 tons.
Automobile transport


  • Ballast towing vehicles “Мercedes” 3850, with 6х6 drive, equipped with vanger and power of 500 h.p ;
  • 8-axis module trailer car „SHOERLE”- 120 tons with hydraulic evening of the axis load ;
  • 4-axis trailer car “SHOERLE” – 60 tons with active local control of the trolleys, which makes it maneuverable when operating in tight transport corridors. ;
  • 3-axis low platform half trailer car „Broshus“– E 1723 with technical maximum allowed load 35 tons ;
  • Truck Mercedes Actros with load capacity of 12 tons and built-in crane with capacity 3,5 tons.

The services related to moving, loading and unloading of a power transformer can easily be related to the category of extremely complex rigging services.