Delivery of energy equipment

Working to maintain the image of CERB Group as a reliable partner, we aim to offer to our clients everything they need. In response to that requirement, in 2017 we created a new commercial division, specialized in delivery of energy and electric equipment for low, average and high voltage. It is structured in several areas.
Electric equipment and commutation devices
  • Equipment for air and cable lines – poles – metal and composite; fittings for cable and air lines; cable grids and channels; insulators – glass, porcelain, composite and spacers ;
  • Energy equipment – steam turbine, hydro turbine, pump aggregates, etc ;
  • Control and measuring equipment and automation – systems for remote monitoring of rotating machines and transformers, sensors for vibrations, pressure, temperature, etc.; analogue and digital measuring instruments ;
  • Commutation equipment – vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers (middle and high voltage), interrupters (average and high voltage), metal enclosed switchgear and control gear, condensing switch gear cubicles; surge arrestors (average and high voltage), MSV & MSSV , contactors, switches and relays.
Transformers & Rotating Electrical Machines
Electrical machines :
  • Generators and electric motors ;
  • Transformers – power, measuring & special ;
  • Petersen coils, ohmic resistance and UIZC ;
  • Shunt reactors.
Energy equipment :
  • Turbine oils, lubricants, grease and supplements ;
  • Spare parts for electrical machines.
Delivery of electric panels (supply, control and automation)

Electric supply panels: main distribution panels Ri4Power, Prisma P, e-Power) with segregation form 1-4 ; distribution panels (ISV, Prisma G, TwinLine);  Panels for lighting ; Repair panels ; Panels for control and management: panels for centralized PLC) and decentralized (Marshaling) automation systems; Motor control center panels ; Panels for control and protection of electrical drive (VFD & Simocode); Control panels for secondary commutation ; Control boards.


Implementation of automation systems for the manufacturing process in objects of different industry branches: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining industry, energetics, machine – building, food industry, treatment plants for drinking and sewage waters, etc.

Equipment from the CIS
  • Rubber – transport bands, hoses and rubber products for cement, metallurgy and oil and gas industry, ore mining plants, building and agriculture ;
  • Transporters (conveyers) and conveyer automation systems ;
  • Non-standard loading equipment ;
  • Spare parts ;
  • UPS for alternating current; UPS for direct current ;
  • Electric supply stations for electro mobiles with power from 22 to 180 kW ;