Mechanic Processing

Despite that in 1956 CERB Mechano was established as an auxiliary department, an addition to the main services for repair of rotating electrical machines and transformers, today this division is developing successfully in several projects on its own, for mechanical processing and manufacturing of spare parts. As part of the CERB group, CERB Mechano is a reliable partner you can trust.
Mechanical processing
  • Lathe operations on a horizontal or vertical lathe ;
  • Mill operations, performed on universal milling machines, piano-miller, jig mill ;
  • Mechanical processing on a Bohrwerk ;
  • Slotting operations ;
  • Grinding operations (round or flat grinding) ;
  • Fitter-welding works ;
  • Bending of pipes, manufacturing of heating devices for steam water heating boilers ;
  • Fitting works – cutting, bending, perforating, etc.;
  • Welding of steel constructions, pressure vessels, pipe bundles ;
  • Welding of aluminum parts and non-ferrous metals – bronze, copper,
    brass, etc ;
  • Mounting and demounting of bearing units of rotors and shafts ;
  • Relining and mechanic processing of sleeve bearings for electric motors and steam turbines, radial and axial generators ;
  • Heat treatment of metal constructions ;
  • Heat treatment of details and spare parts.
Mechanic processing

CERB MECHANO has a wide range of machines for mechanic processing of small and large sized details as well as a mobile Bohrwerk. It drills openings from 22mm to 180mm with the accuracy and speed of a stationary machine. The mobile Bohrwerk is meant for usage in places, where usage of conventional drilling machines is impossible. The mobile Bohrwerk also has a welding function without changing the setting. The heating range is from 25mm to 250mm.

CERB MECHANO also has a steel foundry with a capacity of 2500 kg of molten steel. Steel foundry offers casting of all brands of carbon steels (St25, St35, St45, etc.) and chrome-nickel steel. CERB has its own model section, ie castings with customer models or models made at its own base can be produced.



CERB MECHANO manufactures current clamps (aluminum, brass, bronze, bi-metal), current fittings(bar holders, spacers, beams), insulation rods and portable earthing devices, as well as spare parts and non-standard equipment for electrical machines – operation wheels for pumps and water turbines (manufacturing of model equipment), casts with weight up to 2 tons from carbon steel and casts with weight up to 250 kg from cast-iron and bronze.